Are you looking for an alternative to using MailChimp for handling your mass email marketing campaigns? Then you are in the right place.

MailChimp is a simple service for managing mass emails, but there are a number of helpful alternatives that you should be aware of.

Alternatives to Using MailChimp

MailChimp is great for managing a set of mass emails for free. When you expand beyond the 2,000 subscriber limit, it may be time to look for a MailChimp alternative.

Pay attention to:

  • The potential size of your email marketing.
  • The amount you can reasonably afford to spend on a MailChimp alternative.
  • Specific features that you may require.

The Top Alternatives to Ontraport

Depending on the features you will need, I believe these 4 alternatives provide the next step in marketing automation.

    1. Ontraport
    2. Infusionsoft
    3. SalesForce
    4. Hubspot

1) Ontraport

ontraport-features-mockupOntraport has a long track record of providing a superior product. The level of customization and management surpasses most other programs.

The Benefits of Ontraport

  • Custom daily reports and analytics for monitoring your marketing campaign.
  • Additional features include scheduled mass email, multiple campaigns, and a members section WordPress plugin.
  • Complete suite of tools for managing marketing campaigns.

The Drawbacks of Ontraport

  • Going from a free service such as MailChimp to Ontraport is a large increase in business expenses.
  • Some users will require time to familiarize themselves with the software.

Ontraport Pricing
Ontraport has several marketing automation solutions for businesses of varying sizes, with prices between $297 and $597 a month.


2) Infusionsoft

infusionsoft-sell-online-feature-mockupInfusionsoft is one of the few programs that matches Ontraport in the management of mass email marketing, with a comparable price tag.

The Benefits of Infusionsoft

  • Provides everything you need to manage even the largest marketing campaigns.
  • Thorough training is provided and required after purchase.
  • Automated reporting customized to your needs.

The Drawbacks of Infusionsoft

  • The only real drawback of the Infusionsoft software is the complex settings and features.
  • The training, starting at $1,999, is required (but very helpful).

For more information about the differences between Infusionsoft and MailChimp, check out our Infusionsoft vs MailChimp comparison.

Infusionsoft Pricing
The monthly price for Infusionsoft is $199 – $379/ month (training starts at $1,999).


3) SalesForce

salesforce-analytics-mockupSalesForce has a quality set of services for helping you track and manage your emails and subscriber lists.

The Benefits of SalesForce

  • The moderate features are presented in an easy to use interface.
  • Businesses can choose a plan that fits their budgets.
  • Quality customer service and support.

The Drawbacks of SalesForce

  • SalesForce uses a tier pricing plan, requiring upgrades to access various features.
  • Adding CSV files from other platforms is time-consuming.

SalesForce Pricing
The 4 tier pricing plan starts at $25/month for the Business Plan with limited features.

The Enterprise Plan is $125/month with a solid set of features and the ability to manage larger campaigns.


4) Hubspot

hubspot-marketing-mockupAnother alternative for those stepping up from MailChimp is Hubspot – with a focus on online marketing and some email marketing options.

The Benefits of Hubspot

  • Hubspot can be used to manage social media marketing.
  • Simple web-based services for managing accounts and features.
  • Pick and choose which affordable services you want.

The Drawbacks of Hubspot

  • Hubspot has great services, but is limited in options and diversity.
  • Without higher-end automation, Hubspot is better for improving SEO and increasing your online presence.

Hubspot Pricing
Depending on the services you select, Hubspot can cost anywhere between $200 – $2,400/month.


The Final Verdict

Remember the 3 points made at the beginning – look at the size of your campaigns, your budget, and the features you will need. These are all fine programs, with their own strengths.

Ontraport and Infusionsoft offer high-quality management for even the largest campaigns with a multitude of features and in-depth training.

SalesForce and Hubspot fall inbetween the latter and MailChimp; though, the more affordable rates could appeal to smaller businesses.


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